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Power Lead System Review

Power Lead System is a marketing platform that provides digital entrepreneurs with a wide range of tools. It includes capture pages, ad tracking, video postcards, and sales funnels. It also features a community with 47K members. Read on Power Lead System Scam to learn more.

No photo description available.One drawback of PLS is that it requires significant hard work and dedication. Additionally, PLS never guarantees success; it depends on your skill and strategy.

Sales Funnel Tool

Using sales funnels helps businesses to automate the follow-up process for potential customers. They can categorize leads based on their behavior, such as visiting specific pages or filling out a form, and then send personalized responses. They also help companies monitor the performance of their salespeople and teams. This information can be used to identify weak points and make necessary changes.

The Sales Funnel Tool is available in several different versions, with features and functionality designed for a variety of industries. The most basic version includes a lead database and email marketing automation, while the more advanced versions offer CRM, sales funnels, and more. The software can also track customer engagement and help salespeople determine the best ways to follow up with prospects.

Power Lead System is a multilevel marketing program that offers its affiliates commissions when they sell the company’s products and services. The company conducts training classes and webinars to help its affiliates earn a consistent income every month. Its affiliates also receive bonuses when their downlines make a sale.

PLS is not a scam, but it is not as easy as the creators of the program make it sound. The truth is that this is an MLM business model, and it takes a lot of work to get the results you want. The program is also expensive, and most people who try it fail.

The sales funnels created by the program are customizable and can be used on any website. It is a great option for small and medium-sized businesses that need to increase their online presence and boost sales. The platform also allows users to build a list of leads and manage their emails, as well as create videos for social media and email campaigns.

A key feature of a sales funnel is its email autoresponder, which automatically responds to visitors who sign up for your newsletter or other content. This allows you to nurture your subscribers, and it also eliminates the need for additional marketing tools.

There are many different sales funnels available for businesses, and each one has its own benefits and drawbacks. Some are free to use, while others require a subscription. Some of the most popular include Thrive Suite, which lets you create beautiful opt-in forms, and Kajabi, which is designed for ecommerce and online teaching businesses.


The Autoresponder is a powerful tool that can help you send emails and track their success. It can also help you automate your marketing efforts and build your list of leads. However, it is important to note that the Autoresponder has some limitations. For example, it can only support up to 100 programs, including Mary Kay, IncomeJack, Amway, Isagenix, and DoTerra. However, it is easy to customize the Autoresponder and add your own campaigns.

Launched in 2013, Power Lead System claims to provide a suite of handy marketing tools for digital entrepreneurs. These include a landing page builder, email autoresponder, and more. Moreover, the company offers a number of training resources to teach you how to generate sales and leads. In addition to these features, the company also provides affiliates with a generous compensation plan.

However, it is worth noting that the program is a multilevel marketing (MLM) scheme and is not accredited with BBB. Furthermore, it has a high cost to join and requires a monthly fee for its marketing tools. Moreover, the company requires its members to recruit others in order to earn commissions. This is an unusual practice, especially since regular affiliate programs are free to join.

The company pays out commissions every Wednesday. For US residents, the commissions can be directly deposited into their accounts. For those outside of the country, they can be paid via a Cash Card which is similar to a prepaid visa card or by bank wire. In addition, the company uses Paylution, a global eWallet, to send commissions to its affiliates.

The co-founders of PLS are Neil Guess and Michael Price, who have years of experience in the online marketing industry. They have also been featured in several prominent MLM publications. Prior to creating PLS, they worked for Solavei, an MLM company that sells contract-free mobile phone service. They are both known for their MLM expertise and have received a number of honors and awards in the industry. This gives them a credible reputation and reduces suspicion that the system could be a scam.


Power Lead System is an online marketing company that offers a variety of digital tools and training. The platform is designed to help digital entrepreneurs develop and grow their businesses. It also helps them generate leads and increase sales. The company was founded in 2013 and is co-owned by Neil Guess and Michael Price. Both are renowned experts in multi-level marketing and have won several awards.

The platform provides a comprehensive set of marketing tools, including a landing page builder, autoresponder, and audio and video postcards. It also offers a series of training modules that help users improve their website and attract more traffic. Its affiliate program allows users to earn passive commission from referring new members.

To begin earning with PLS, a person must first sign up for the free trial. The trial period lasts for seven days and can be canceled any time. However, it is necessary to have a credit card to use the program. The company also charges a monthly fee to utilize its affiliate programs. This is an unusual process, as most affiliate programs allow you to sign up free of charge and settle your balances later.

Moreover, the platform is based on an MLM business model. While this type of system is not easy to master, it can be very lucrative if you work hard enough. Many traders who join MLMs end up failing because they do not make the effort required. This is because the MLM structure is very demanding in terms of time and money.

Another downside of the PLS system is that it requires you to pay for a Gold Membership in order to earn a significant amount of money. This membership is only $30 a month and you will get a great commission if you refer other people to the program. It is recommended to start with this membership level and then upgrade to the Diamond Level to maximize your earnings.

In addition to the training program, PLS also offers a large Facebook community that is exclusively for its members. The community has 47K members and is a great place to network with other affiliates. The company also offers a 7 day free trial, which is an excellent way to test the platform before you commit your credit card number. However, you must be referred by an existing member to get this offer.